Saris Home Storage – For the Love of the Bike

Since the invention of the bicycle, it has proven to be one of the most ingenious, unfettered forms. Even though trends have come and gone in terms of the shape of the top tube, width of the handle bars, height, wheel size, the basic shape of the bicycle has not changed. It’s a classic. It’s iconic. And, now it’s hip. And hot.

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Bike to Work Month Declared a Success

By the close of National Bike Month 2014, 60 Saris Cycling Group employees pedaled their way to the office. That’s over 30% of our workforce and 12 more commuters than last year!


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Gearing Up for Bike to Work Week

You’ve likely heard of Bike to Work Week (BTWW) or perhaps Bike to Work Day. You know, that week (or day) in May when everyone and their kindergarten teacher rolls out their trusty two-wheeler, dusts off their old backpack, and clips a helmet under their chin.

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