Bike Trac
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Bike Trac

Vertical bike parking with variety of security options

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Custom finishes, commercial freight and commercial pricing available. Contact us.

Bike Trac

The Bike Trac provides full bike coverage to protect the walls, while also providing freedom for capacity and mounting configuration. Available in locking and non-locking options.

Product Details

  • Wide wheel track accepts all bikes
  • Full length tray keeps bike in place and protects wall surface
  • Two locking mechanism options available

Number of Bikes

  • 1 bike per Trac


  • Powder coat black only


Recommended anchor: Anchor Lag Bolts and Shield (Qty 4) #6264 – Sold Separately


  • At 18″ Spacing, stagger Tracs 10″
  • At 21″ Spacing, Tracs can be installed at the same height.


  • 80″ minimum ceiling height


Saris Parking Systems representatives can assist with custom layout and spacing to meet your room dimensions and desired bike capacity.

For more information, download the Bike Trac PDF

SKU Description Bike
w/ Bikes
6003C Cable Locking Bike Trac 15″ staggered
21″ level
84″ 71×45″
6003T Bike Trac 15″ staggered
21″ level
84″ 71×45″
6006 Locking Bike Trac 15″ staggered
21″ level
84″ 71×45″
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Security Locking Bar, Locking Cable, Non Locking

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