2016 Resolution: Make your Workplace more Bike-Friendly

Replacing last year’s calendar with a new one, blank with opportunities, can be a cathartic and energizing experience. The equivalent of erasing the chalk board (do those still exist?), it can closet the ghosts of the previous year and bring optimism and a clean slate for the coming months. And it offers a great opportunity to enact positive changes in your workplace. One near and dear to our hearts, and one easier to accomplish than you might think, is making your place of employment more bike friendly. We’ve compiled a list of common approaches businesses large and small are utilizing to make their workplace a better, healthier, and more productive place to be.

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Bike Parking Installation of the Month: Montgomery, Alabama

This month we’re highlighting a community that is showcasing their commitment to cyclists. Montgomery, Alabama, recently installed a handful of new parking racks for riders in their city. From a brewery to the local farmer’s market to a community garden, Montgomery riders can now safely park their bikes at some of the city’s most frequented locations.

To learn more, we interviewed the driving force behind Montgomery’s efforts, Deana Acklin.

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Seeing is Believing, Part 3

In the final installment in our series of lessons learned from the great cycling cities of Europe, we find all is not roses (or tulips in the Netherlands) with respect to their bike infrastructure.

There are blessings and curses for being a top bicycling city. Increased mode share of bike commuting can have both tangible and intangible benefits: less vehicle congestion, better public spaces, healthier citizenry, more productive employees and a cleaner environment. But the “dark-side” of having so many people commuting by bike is where to put all the bikes. In the great cycling cities across the globe, more and more frustration is being expressed at the lack of both quality and quantity of end of trip facilities for bikes.

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