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Become a Bike-Friendly Community

Creating a Better, Healthier Community

Cities across the United States see the value of bicycling and the direct link between their investment in bike infrastructure and the health and vitality of their economy.

Good Bicycling = Healthy Cities = Healthy Citizens

"We have clear examples in our city that growing the number of people riding bikes benefits businesses. Better bicycling facilities draw new visitors to explore commercial corridors on two wheels and help professionals get to work more easily and enjoyably. As more business leaders recognize these benefits, they too can be champions for great bikeways in their own communities."

- Leah Shahum, executive director, San Francisco Bike Coalition

There are numerous resources on a national level to help you become a more bike friendly community, and if you have questions that we can help you answer – just ask! We have worked with hundreds of communities across the country and can connect you with peers as needed

Of trips in urban areas that are under one mile, 65% are made using cars. Approximately 18% of household income (and up to 20% in car-dependent areas) are spent on transportation. Walking, bicycling, and taking public transit will help individuals save money by reducing their dependence on gasoline

A couple key resources to get you started:

League of American Bicyclists - the League has created the Bicycle Friendly Awards program to give cities, universities, states, and businesses the specific tools to improve conditions for cyclists at the state and local level.

Green Lane Project – The Green Lane Project is a campaign hosted by the Bikes Belong Foundation to catalyze the creation of world-class bicycling facilities in the U.S.

Local Advocacy Groups – local advocacy groups within your city or state can help connect within the national network. A list of most advocacy organizations can be found at