Why Saris Parking?

Cycling infrastructure can change COMMUNITIES

Saris Cycling Group considers the bicycle a serious form of transportation. We strive to make commuting by bicycle more accessible, and encourage more people to ride more often. Bicycle parking is often the last piece of the commuting puzzle. It’s essential to provide a safe place for people to park and store their bikes. We design our parking products with the cyclist in mind, so that parking your bike is not so complicated. Our goal is to give cyclists the peace-of-mind that their bikes will be parked securely.


We warrant this product to the first consumer to be free from defect in material and workmanship for a period of one year from date of purchase. (Please retain your sales slip for your records.) Any product or part thereof found to be defective within that period will be replaced without charge provided that: (1) the product was not misused; (2) no alterations or modifications were made; (3) its failure resulted from a defect in material or workmanship and not from normal wear expected in the use of the product; (4) the product or part is delivered, freight prepaid, to Saris Cycling Group. Manufactures only obligation shall be to replace such products or parts proved to be defective. Damage to mounting surface is not covered under warranty.


Product Care and Maintenance

Saris parking racks are essentially maintenance free. Periodic cleaning with soft cloth and water should repair any dirt, debris or marks. We must warn that the cleaning of any surface that is anodized or powder coated should be done with great care. Be sure NOT to use any bristles or brushes to clean your rack as it could scratch the surface finish.


Manufacturer and seller expressly disclaim any and all liability for personal injury, property damage or loss, whether direct, indirect or incidental, resulting from the incorrect attachment, improper use, inadequate maintenance, or neglect of this product.

Return Policy

No goods shall be returned for credit if they conform to the purchase order and the Customer has no right to reject, or revoke its acceptance of the same, unless Saris Cycling Group consents thereto in writing. The Customer shall pay all return shipping expenses F.O.B. Saris Cycling Group and a charge equal to thirty (30%) percent of the price of the order or part thereof canceled or of the good thereof returned. Returned merchandise shall be new, unused and in the original cartons. Saris Cycling Group reserves the right to refuse acceptance of any or all returned goods.

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