Advocacy Efforts

At Saris

In 2010, we set out to create a holistic bike program to make it very attractive for our employees to commute by bike. In just three years, we increased bicycling ridership from 5% to 20% riding on a weekly basis. Bike commuting offers an extensive list of benefits, not only for the rider but also for the organization.

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Interested in information on why and how to start a bicycle commuter incentive program? Contact our Advocacy Director, Heather Fortune,

Our Local Community

We understand the benefits of having our community be a great place to ride a bike. With 175 employees living in Madison we strive to make this the best place to ride a bike in the country. That is why in the spring of 2010 we teamed up with Bikes Belong to take 21 Madison business and civic leaders on a transformational study tour of some of the best bike commuting cities in the world. This trip laid the foundation for many of the amazing bicycle amenities Madison has to offer.

Biking in Madison, WI

We continue to use our resources to be involved in the Madison cycling scene. It all comes down to having fun!

Saris Sponsored Community Bike Events: Doing our share to make it fun and easy for our community to ride a bike.

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Interested in being involved in local community events or creating an event of your own? Contact your local bicycle advocacy organization or the League of American Bicyclists for ideas.

In the State of Wisconsin

Our annual fundraiser, the Saris Gala, has become the most successful single night bicycle advocacy fundraiser in the country. Over the past 9 years we have raised over $725,000 to support the Bike Fed of Wisconsin. In 2012 we allocated a portion of the funds to hire the first ever local Wisconsin Bike Fed Director for Dane County. We will continue to support local and state Bike Fed work through the Gala.

Support your local advocacy group by throwing a fundraiser and gain awareness for the bicycle in your community. Need help brainstorming ideas? Contact our Advocacy Director, Heather Fortune,

On a National Level

One of our main goals is to inspire and create the next generation of bicycle commuters. We believe that the bicycle is a means to help solve some of our countries most pressing issues. To encourage increased awareness within our youth we created The National Bicycling Poster Contest. Held in partnership with bicycle advocates nationwide the poster contest gives fifth graders the opportunity to learn about the numerous inherent benefits of the bicycle. Each state winner receives a bike, bike light and a helmet.  One National Winner receives a trip to Washington D.C. to participate in the National Bike Summit.

Help encourage our youth to ride by being a part of the National Bicycling Poster Contest. Learn more about the Poster Contest or contact Heather Fortune,